GTM-66 American Cowhide Vertical Shopper Concealment Purse


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GTM-66 American Cowhide Vertical Shopper

Lightweight Silky Smooth Luxury - featuring cut-out technique!

  • Unique Cut-Out design front panel
  • Silky Smooth American Cowhide
    • Two Tone
  • Designed for either Left or Right handed use
  • Special padding to prevent gun imprinting
  • Slash Resistant Shoulder Straps
    • Double Shoulder Length Straps
    • FLAT styling, especially suited to rounded shoulders
    • Drop length: 9"
    • 11 Ply Steel Wire tastefully reinforced
  • Includes our Standard Holster (designed by Mernickle Holsters)
    • Tested with Heckler & Koch 45C Compact/ Colt 1911 Officers Special / Glock 23 Compact/ Glock 27 Sub-compact/ Smith & Wesson Revolver .38 Special hammerless
  • Chrome color hardware and zippers
    • Leather zipper tabs
    • Gun compartment zippers are nylon coil for safety
  • Fully lined with Gun Tote'n Mamas logo lining
    • Inside zipper pocket for lightweight items like receipts, lipstick/balm, make-up etc
    • Inside open pockets for Smart phone etc
    • Easily holds iPAD® or Tablets and much more
    • Overall bag size:
      13" Tall x 14-1/2" Top Width (11" bottom width) x 5-1/4" deep
  • GTM compartment size:
    • 8" Tall x 9-1/4" Wide
    • Zipper opening: 7-1/2" Tall
    • Gun footprint: 7" Tall x 9" Wide

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: How to pack your Vertical Totes especially those made with Soft leathers

To avoid an awkward grip and unsafe draw suggest these tips!

  • DO this with gun and holster in the GTM compartment
    • Place bulky / heavy items at bottom, low and away from holster
    • Allows EASE for quick, safe draw and proper grip of gun
    • Make sure to balance the bulk at bottom
    • Use makeup bag for bulky items and put at bag bottom
    • Lightweight items like receipts, lipstick, sunglasses, phone can be in top pockets
  • These simple tips will allow proper/easy draw and help to keep your Handbag looking beautiful longer!